Relaxing Hydrotherapy Body Soak

Relaxing Hydrotherapy Body Soak


Been frazzled and irritable from stress and anxiety that causes headaches, insomnia, weight changes, moodiness and trouble staying focused. 




A natural, gentle way to soothe stress, calm the body, quiet the mind and be more relaxed so you can live better and sleep better. 


Relaxing Hydrotherapy Bath Soak
Eases back & neck tension, sore muscles and stiffness. 
Calming essential oils quiet and calm the mind for better sleep. 
Soothing extracts relax the mind, body and spirit to reduce anxiety. 
Stimulates the Lymphatic System | Home or Professional Use 
100% Natural | Organic | Full Spectrum Extraction Technology
Our daily lives are constantly bombarded with stress that can be disrupting to our minds and bodies. Even small amounts of stress can zap energy, leave minds in a fog, effect sleep and cause pain or moodiness. Soak away your troubles and find a truly relaxed experience every time your bathe.

A grounding yet floral scent transforms your senses into a more relaxed vibe as adaptogenic and relaxing herbal extracts, essential oils and detoxifying salts, calm and soothe irritability to help you chill. Use as a therapeutic bath soak or healing body wrap in a wellness setting; this 100% natural, herbal, salt concentrate will be a perfect way to relax and soothe sore muscles from a long, hard day. 
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